What Does A Doula Do?

Your doula can help plan a safe and effective excercise routine

Your doula can help plan a safe and effective exercise routine

Your doula can provide birth or post birth support, or both – depending on which you need the most.

Ante-natal and birth support:-
You will meet your doula at around the 36th week of your pregnancy, and discuss your birthing needs and expectations. You will receive help with decisions such as where to have your baby – in hospital or at home, birthing pool hire, types of pain relief, and so on. You will also be taught how to manage labour pain, thus avoiding a cocktail of pain-relief medication.

Your doula can provide massage, before and during labour, and help you find the best birthing position.

Your doula can also advise you on good nutrition and exercise, both before and after childbirth.

You will build up a relationship of trust and friendship. Your doula will be on call – just for you – 24 hours a day, until your baby is born. She will attend the birth, supporting both you and your partner. She will teach you both, all the things you need to know, to make confident and informed choices during labour – making childbirth the most joyful, empowering and memorable experience of your life! Exactly as it should be!

Happy Water Birthing

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