Post Birth Support

You may decide you need support after baby is born. Every new mum needs a little extra help and reassurance – some more than others.

Supporting new Mum

a little help makes a big difference

Mothers who have had their babies by caesarean section benefit the most from post birth doula support, but it is available to all new parents. Your doula will advise, assist or help you out with whatever you need after having your baby. Most common needs include advice on breast feeding, crying, and sleeping.

The post-birth doula will help with anything, as appropriate, such as preparing lunch while you feed your baby, laundry, shopping or light housework. She may even tackle the ironing!

You will hire your post birth doula at an hourly rate, at times to suit yourself and your family.

doula supports the family

sharing the thrill of a new baby brother with my first 'doula daughter'