About Mama Moore

My name is Rebecca Moore. I am a mother and doula, living and working in the beautiful Holme Valley in West Yorkshire. I will visit clients in Kirklees, Wakefield, Barnsley and Leeds

I became enchanted by birth with my first child, in 1984. But my maternal instinct and desire to be involved with tiny babies began many years before, when I was still a little girl. No Barbie dolls for me . . . mine were all babies!

My first doula experience was in 2004, for a close friend, who asked if I would be her birth partner when she had her first child. I embraced the role with my whole being. It was such a thrill, and a genuine privileged, to share the magic of someone else’s birth. It was a truly awesome experience and one I will never forget. She had a beautiful, natural birth – No drugs and no intervention. It was so lovely the midwife thanked us both, because she enjoyed it too!  I realised then that this was something I could do professionally, for other women. I eventually gave up a full time job as a high school teacher to train to be a professional doula, and was trained by British Doulas in London. I have been present at several births since, and each one is different, and as amazing and wonderful as the one before.

When mothers are educated and informed, relaxed yet in control, calm and without fear, birth is the best experience in the world. Nothing can top it for the feeling of sheer ecstacy and euphoria. As a doula, the very best thing I believe I can do for new parents is take away the fear which surrounds childbirth.